Find your inner cowboy!  Using hand-eye coordination, aiming, and trusting yourself you can rope yourself the target. Lone Ranger would approve!  Using superior materials and improved features, our toys are all modernized versions of proven classics, with better safety and functionality. 

Blue/Black L'il Lasso 20'

    • COWPOKES OF ANY AGE: can master the art of the lasso with our junior-sized Lariat. Don’t let the colorful sheath fool you, this pre-tied lariat is made with the correct stiffness and is the real McCoy

    • DEVELOPS SKILL, AGILITY, COORDINATION: Throwing a lariat takes practice. Hand-eye coordination, aiming, improved confidence and exercise can be improved with this neat toy. Lone Ranger would approve!

    • WEIGHT AND LENGTH MAKE LEARNING EASY Designed for kids as young as six, this isn't your daddy's lariat. Simple to maneuver and good stiffness, weight and length make success easier for little cowpokes to learn.

    • SAFE MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Made from 20 feet of 5/16-"polypropylene blend rope, our toys are all modernized versions of classics, with better safety and functionality. 

    • SAFETY FIRST Partner: Our Lariats are designed to be used on inanimate objects only. Using a Lariat to lasso people or animals can result in severe injury or even death. Children must be supervised

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