The incredibly realistic drivers cabin with its doors that can be opened, the tilting engine bonnet, providing a view of the engine block, the foldable rear-view mirrors, and the many add-on accessories, which give the model its chrome look, make this truck a true feast for the eyes of every truck fan. When used as a garbage truck, this truck manages to fascinate children with recycling and waste management. The small coloured dustbins (included) or the grey dustbins (not included) can be emptied using a fully functional dustbin lift. Both the coloured dustbins and the waste container can be opened. As in real life, a working press transports the garbage to the interior loading container, which can be emptied by tilting the tailgate; the tailgate will lock in place when opened.

BRUDER MACK Granite Garbage truck

  • drivers cab

    • folding outside mirror
    • possibility to view the engine block
    • doors can be opened


    • tread tyres


    • refuse can be tipped out by turning handle
    • rotating wheel mechanism enables loading and unloading process
    • tilting refuse container can be opened