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A wonderfully cooperative spin-and-move counting game!

All the baby chicks have flown the coop! Can you help the mother hen find them? On your turn, spin the spinner to decide where the hen should go. Then, everyone counts together as you move the hen along the trail.

"Move to the tractor! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!" - For each space moved, one chick is returned to the coop!

Everyone's goal is to return all the chicks to the coop before the hen gets to the end of the trail. But beware, if the spinner lands on the fox - Oh no! - You have to remove one chick from the coop!

Early counting skills are perfected through the joys of cooperative play with the fun and friendly Count Your Chickens game.

Count Your Chickens

    • Cooperative game of counting chickens together
    • Encourages counting skills, imaginative thinking, cooperative play
    • Spin the spinner to decide which space to move to next
    • Everyone counts the spaces as you move the hen
    • Move one chick to the coop for every space you move
    • Everyone's goal is to return all the chicks to the coop before the hen reaches the end of the track
    • If the spinner lands on the fox, one chick has to be removed from the coop
    • Includes game board, mother hen with stand, 40 baby chick tokens, spinner
    • Detailed game rules and instructions included
    • No reading skills required!
    • High-quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay

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