Mix and blend essential oils with a touch of shimmery powder to create one-of-a-kind STMT D.I.Y. Aroma Shimmer Oils Rejuvenate your skin and relax your mood as you harmonize body and soul with different essential oil combinations. Create 5 different roller oils using different scents and colors

DIY Aroma Shimmer Oils

    • Create 6 scented body oils with shimmer, color and sweet smelling scents
    • Mix simple ingredients together to create a fun beauty essential all your own
    • Express your creativity as you customize each beauty essential with vibrant color mica powders, soothing scents and sparkling glitter
    • Store your shimmer oils in roller perfume bottles and a body spray bottle
    • Label your creations with signature names using stylish sticker sheets and share them with your besties
    • Fun way to explore the world of cosmetology
    • Kit Includes: 6 Essential Oils, 1 Sunflower Oil, Roller Bottles, Glass Spray Bottle, Shimmer Mica Powders, Glitter, Measuring Cup, Mixing Stick, Funnel, Sticker Sheet and Instruction Booklet
    • Age Range: 14 years & up
    • Oil
    • Wipe clean