The Doinkit magnetic dart set is made from strong magnets to ensure that your dart will make it to its intended location. But remember, Doinkit Darts is made with the little one's safety in mind, so try to share every once in a while. Better yet, invite the whole family to play together and revel in the best dart experience you are ever likely to have.  Kids will work to improve their hand-eye coordination as they focus on the bulls eye, aim the dart, and shoot it. Repeatedly gripping the Doinkit Darts will also help improve kids' fine-motor skills.

Doinkit Darts

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  • Doinkit Darts is a magnetic dart set with very powerful earth magnets that will stick to the board every time. Doinkit Darts is safe because it does not use sharp steel-pointed darts, so the whole family can play. Comes with 6 darts. Ages 6+