Pool diving just got a lot more exciting!

Drop these colorful rubber dive toys into the water and watch as they flip, flop, wiggle, and swim their way down to the bottom of the pool.

Then, jump in and see how many you can grab!

A bright orange fish, a sharp-toothed shark, a sea turtle, a shrimp, and even a smiling mermaid - Kids can't wait to dive and grab these colorful friends over and over again.

Jump in and enjoy the fun with the Flipsy Flopsy dive toys.

Flipsy Flopsy Dive Toys!

    • Set of 5 dive toys that flip and flop as they sink
    • Encourages gross motor skills, outdoor exercise, coordination
    • Kids love diving to find colorful friends - Puts swimming skills to the test
    • Watch them flip and flop as they sink to the bottom of the pool
    • Figures made up of sections connected by highly bendable rubber
    • Each one is beautifully colorful and detailed
    • Includes mermaid, shark, fish, shrimp, sea turtle
    • Orange fish measures 2.75 x 4.25 x 0.5 inches for reference
    • Each one made entirely of solid, strong rubber