Utilizing an award winning design that emphasizes no moving parts or outside power, the Geyser Gusher Water Cannon is capable of shooting a 1 inch stream of water over an impressive 30 feet! The Geyser Gusher has completely removed the many hassles attributed to many of today's water toys by adopting a simple and effortless approach to watery combat. Simply submerge this award winning Stream Machine water cannon into a pool or pond, grasp the handles on both sides and pull. It's that simple! The phenomenon of water gaining momentum as it flows through a decreasing diameter is known as the Venturi Effect. Not only does this streamline the reloading and firing experience, it effectively lengthens each and every shot. Regardless of whether your watery adventures take you to the pool, beach, river or lake, the Geyser Gusher is an excellent companion that's safe and fun for all ages.Geyser Gusher Water Cannon

Geyser Gusher Water Cannon