Turn classic fun into contemporary excitement!

For over thirty years, children have been learning to count through the cherry-picking excitement of Hi-Ho Cherry-O. Now your kids can experience the fun too!

Everybody starts with ten cherries in their tree. Taking turns, each player spins the dial to see how many cherries they can pick from their trees and place in their buckets.

Spin one cherry and pick one. Spin two cherries and pick two. But look out!

If the spinner lands on the dog or the bird, you have to put two cherries back on the tree. And if it lands on the bucket, you have to put them all back and start all over!

Keep on spinning, playing, and harvesting cherries for as long as it takes. The first player to pluck all of the cherries from their tree wins the game!

Designed with the same look and game-play as the original, Hi-Ho Cherry-O teaches kids the joy of number-learning just like you remember.

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O

    • Game of picking cherries from trees according to a spinner
    • Encourages fine motor skills, early number skills, cooperative play
    • Kids love the thrill of seeing how many cherries they'll get to pick
    • Spinner determines how many cherries to pick from your tree
    • Land on a dog or bird - Put 2 cherries back on the tree
    • Land on the bucket - Put all cherries back on the tree
    • First player to pick all 10 of their cherries wins
    • Includes plastic gameboard with 4 trees and buckets, 44 plastic cherries (40 necessary for gameplay, 4 extras), fully assembled spinner
    • Illustrated instructions included
    • Features same gameplay and design as original
    • Durable construction and materials for lasting enjoyment