Turn water into laser beams with this futuristic blaster pump!

It's extremely easy to use and the results are intensely enthralling. Just dunk the nose into the pool and pull on the handle to load the launcher with water.

Then, hold down the button at the front of the launcher and push the whole thing together. WHOOSH! - A bright red beam of light shoots brilliantly through the fast-flowing stream!

The water-blasting fun of the future is here with the Hydro Beam Water Launcher.

Hydro Beam Water Launcher

    • Pump-powered water blaster with light that lights up water stream
    • Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active play, outdoor play
    • Experience the water-blasting fun of the future!
    • Dunk nose in water and pull on the handle to fill it up
    • Push handle back toward nose to blast water up to 30 feet through the air
    • Hold down the button at the nose to shine a beam of light through the stream of flying water
    • Includes one Hydro Beam Water Launcher
    • Requires 3 watch batteries - Included
    • High quality design and materials - Lasting durability