The lifelike Kangaroo mom and baby are ready to spring into action in a child's room and imagination. The kangaroo's sturdy wireframe construction and long tail and feet help it stand tall, and the baby--or joey--is soft and huggable. Plus the little baby kangaroo can go on adventures with your own little one and then store snuggly in the mama's pouch.

Kangaroo and Joey Stuffed Animal

SKU: MD8834
    • Kangaroo mom is 34 inches high x 31 inches long x 17 inches wide; baby is 11 inches high
    • Lifelike details, including pouch and removable baby (joey)
    • Plush body looks just like a real kangaroo
    • Sturdy wireframe helps the kangaroo mom stand tall
    • Ultra-soft and cuddly; not intended as a seat or ride-on