Who wants to take a ride? Remember to take care of your horse by letting it roam in the field. It’s great to spend a lovely sunny day at the stables!

This horse-themed 40-piece panoramic jigsaw puzzle includes 3 progressive puzzles (5-, 6- and 8-pcs) to be assembled alone or fit into the illustration. Large and sturdy pieces are perfect for improving motor skills, while vibrant illustrations foster curiosity and imagination.

Ages 3+

Looong Puzzle Stables

    • Arranging and assembling large puzzle pieces:
      • trains perception and concentration
      • fosters curiosity and creativity by encouraging kids to search for various solutions
      • promotes hand-eye coordination
      • improves manual dexterity
    • Large puzzle pieces made of high-quality, thick cardboard are perfect for little hands
    • The handy, keepsake box with a practical handle makes it a great gift