Why Rent?

· Children often have many picture books and storybooks, but finding books on their exact reading level can be difficult.

· Purchasing books at Teacher’s Pet is certainly a great option. We also recognize the fact that especially in the lower levels, your children may be moving quickly through each level. To purchase that many small books can be costly, and as the children advance, you may end up with many books you no longer need.

· You get more than “Just a Bag of Books,” as we’ve created a learning adventure just for you!


After you finish with your books you have 2 options:

· Trade in your bag for the next level for only $15 “Each time” you trade bags for another level, or another set of the same level, it’s just $15. When you decide to finish the rental program, simply return the last set of books for a $15 refund.

· Keep the books and enjoy! They are paid for.

Rent to Read Level G-1

  • Bag Contains:

    · Four books on your chosen level

    · One book of the next level to introduce the next step up.

    · Guided reading activities for parents to use to help in the understanding of each book.

    · One paper book with comprehension test and worksheets. Some bags may have more than one paper book with worksheets.