Does your child love STEM toys? We know parents do! These IMEX STEM toys give your child hands on fun that helps hand eye coordination and education!Build your own mechanical machines with our easy to STEM products. Learn the principles of how machines work and have fun while you are creating exciting new projects!Expand their minds: A wonderful kit for both boys and girls! STEM Kits help shape the minds of tomorrow's Engineers, Software Designers and Leaders.The next Elon Musk is out there! Help today's Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mary Anderson, Ruth Wakefield, AND Stephanie Kowlek stimulate their creativity and imagination!The perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah or just to show them you love them! The future is about Engineering and Education, start them early with an IMEX STEM Building Kit!

Take Apart Toys - 2 in 1 Motorcycle (20 Pieces)

    • S.T.E.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


    • Educational toys that help develop the mind!



    • Easy to use and learn



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