• FUN AND CHALLENGING: If word games in your thing, this is a must have addition to the family game collection. Enjoy a night of challenging, wholesome fun with this mind scratching brainteaser!
  • GREAT FOR THE READER:Do you and your kids love to read and write? Word Q Jumbled Crossword Brain Teaser is the perfect game for you! Super fun and challenging crossword game!
  • EDUCATION: A game to make any teacher and parent proud, your kids can learn challenging words with friendly competition and fun for the whole family! Various levels allow for challenging gameplay!
  • FEATURES: Great for the brain teaser in you! Become a spelling bee champ in no time after hours of fun and thrilling puzzles. All will be sure to have a wonderful game night!
  • ALL AGES: This wonderful jumbled crossword brainteaser is a cool mix of a wordgame, a crossword puzzle, and a brainteaser all in one! 40 great puzzles allow for varying difficulty.